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Furnace Maintenance

Boone furnace and air conditioning repair

Furnace repair
Contact DJ’s for maintenance of your heating and cooling systems.

When it comes to air conditioner and furnace maintenance DJ’s Heating and Air are the experienced contractors that you need. When you're a residential customer with issues concerning your air conditioning or furnace our team is ready to help you. While our shop does handle installing new heating and cooling systems, sometimes the best solution is air or furnace repair. Consider too that there are steps you can take to avoid a costly maintenance that doesn’t require much time or money.


Call (828) 963-0859 for furnace repair and maintenance in Boone.

Furnace Maintenance

Again, while you will find furnace repair with DJ’s, there are also furnace maintenance services here as well. Cleaning the blower, checking a thermostat, replacing filters and inspecting ductwork can go quite a ways in making sure that you get the most out of your furnace for as long as possible. Plus, furnace companies such as DJ’s Heating, can help you spot small issues before they become large problems. So if you're looking for furnace maintenance or central air furnace repair, make sure to call or e-mail us today.