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Heat Pump Repair

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Heat pump repair
Even the most energy efficient heat pumps sometimes require repair.

While many people have heard about a heat pump they sometimes wonder what it does. In the simplest terms, a heat pump system uses pulls in outside air, which is then used to heat your home in cold weather. However, it also pulls in warm air to cool your location in summertime. When you have issues, whether it’s hot or cold outside, your heat pump unit may be the culprit. The good news is you have a reliable source in Boone that you can turn to for heat pump repair.


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Heat Pump Installation Cost

When it comes to new heat pumps for homes, DJ’s Heating and Air has your needs covered. There are several factors that determine the cost of a heat pump installation if your unit is beyond any type of repair. The price often depends on various factors such as the make, model, size, etc. So there is really no one-size-fits-all kind of pricing. However, if you’d liked to find out how much a heat pump repair or total replacement costs, just contact us. Give us a call or use the handy e-mail form here. We’ll be in touch to discuss all of your heat pump requirements.