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Furnace Prices

Whether it's a new furnace or furnace maintenance call DJ’s Heating

Furnace service
From buying a new furnace to service of an existing furnace unit, DJ’s is here.

Perhaps you have an older unit and you're looking to replace with a high efficiency furnace. At other times, it's not a new furnace that you're seeking. You simply want furnace service for a particular issue you're experiencing. Then again, maybe you want furnace maintenance such as tune-ups to make sure everything is in its proper working order. That way, small issues are caught before they become large expensive problems. The point is, no matter what kind of furnace service you require DJ’s Heating is ready to serve you.


For furnace service or a new furnace, call (828) 963-0859.

Electric and Gas Furnace Prices

Usually the first question people ask when it comes to electric or gas furnace prices is how much they cost. The answer is... it varies. There are different factors that contribute furnace prices. Some of these can include functionality, size, etc. You’ll even find LG Mini Splits for those seeking a ductless heating and cooling option. That's why DJ’s Heating asks that you contact us directly. It doesn't take long to schedule a quote for your project at your private residence. Once we have the specifics, we'll be happy to offer you furnace prices based on your particular heating requirements. Get started today by calling or e-mailing us.